Speech Therapy Services for Education Providers in Lancashire

Such is my experience, I provide speech and language therapy across the education spectrum including nurseries, primary and secondary schools, and further education. 

My services include:

My services include:

  • Speech and Language Therapy Assessment and Report Provision

  • Provision of Individual and Group Therapy

  • Provision of individual home and education programmes and approaches aimed at remediating or minimising the issues

  • Provision of individual targets to form part of an individual learning plan

  • Advice on enhancing the communication environment and staff interaction for children and young people

  • Whole setting and service approaches to improve communication outcomes for children and young people

  • Assessment and recommendation for adaptations to improve independence and social skills

  • Reports and provision of evidence for EHCP assessment or examination support

  • Staff and parent training (group or 1:1 for specific children)

  • Second opinion: Some children’s needs are not always clear, and a second opinion can clarify issues or give reassurance to all involved about the way forward.

Contact me for more information on the language and speech therapy I provide for educational establishments across Lancashire.